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Lebel IAU Mask Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU Mask

Restores hair structure at a cellular level. The ingredients of the mask restore the complex of cell membranes inside the hair, giving shine and smoothness, improving the structure, treating split...
Lebel IAU Cell Care 5M Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU Cell Care 5M

Ideal for regeneration of dry and damaged hair, moisturises, makes hair smooth, shiny and silky. Makes hair manageable and full of moisture. Prolongs the action of the salon treatment "Happiness...
Napla Imprime premier Rich mask Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Imprime premier Rich mask

This mask for home hair restoration is a true salvation for damaged, brittle, dull curls with split ends. The cosmetic product does not work on the surface of the hair,...
Lebel IAU DEEP Mask Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com


The mask deeply, intensively moisturizes and restores dry, porous, frizzy and damaged hair. The components of the mask restore the complex of cell membranes inside the hair, give shine and...
Lebel Lebel IAU Cell Care SPA Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com
9 pcs8 pcs with 3M8 pcs with 3S

Lebel IAU Cell Care SPA (9 components)

Restoring and moisturizing hair at the molecular level IAU Cell Care SPA “Absolute Happiness for hair” program from the Japanese brand Lebel. Specially selected ingredients of the program help to...
Lebel IAU Cell Care 5S Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU Cell Care 5S

Ideal for the restoration of thin and soft hair, moisturises, gives density, shine and silkiness. Prolongs the action of the salon procedure "Happiness for Hair" by Lebel. IAU Cell Care...
Lebel IAU SERUM Mask Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com


Concentrated aroma mask IAU Serum Mask from Lebel is suitable for dry, thinned, curly and tarnished hair. The active components of the mask fill the curls with shine and vitality,...
Lebel Lebel IAU Cell Care SPA Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com
5 pcs4 pcs with 3M4 pcs with 3S

Lebel IAU Cell Care SPA

SPA “Locked up Moisture” is not  just a very effective regenerating  special program only, but also one of the parts of well-known SPA "Absolute Happiness for hair"  Its consists of...
Lebel IAU Cell Care 3M Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU Cell Care 3M

liquid bamboo extract, arginine, glycerine, lymnanthus white extract. Deeply moisturising cream fills the hair with the right amount of moisture, making it healthy, supple and dense. Restores the structure of...
Lebel IAU Cell Care 2 Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU Cell Care 2

Provides restoration and strengthening of hair structure. To be used only as a component of the SPA-procedure. Directions: Apply as the second step according to the instructions of "Happiness for...
Lebel IAU Cell Care 3S Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU Cell Care 3S

Intensely firming hair cream Lebel IAU Cell Care 3S Silky is the third component of the "Happiness for Hair" procedure from Lebel. Used for fine dry hair. Intensely firming hair...
Lebel IAU Cell Care 1 Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU Cell Care 1

It perfectly preserves the moisture in the structure of hair and scalp, has a detoxifying effect and anti-inflammatory, designed for the recovery of hair and skin. Can be used on...

Japanese Intensive Hair Masks

In the heart of every tradition lies a secret to beauty that transcends time. Japanese hair care is no exception, revered for its meticulous approach to maintaining hair that's as healthy as it is beautiful. Exclusive Cosmetics introduces a line of Japanese Intensive Hair Masks designed not just to meet the needs of your hair but to redefine what you expect from your hair care regimen. With a focus on intensive repair and intense moisture, this intensive hair mask is more than a mere addition to your routine; they are a transformation waiting to unfold.

The Secret to Silky Hair with Our Intensive Repair Hair Mask

Silkiness and strength are not mutually exclusive. Our intensive repair hair mask is proof of that. Engineered for those who believe in the power of recovery, this mask dives deep into the hair's structure, mending it from the inside out. The result? Resilience radiates with every strand, giving you hair that doesn't just look healthy but genuinely is.

Why Choose Our Intense Moisture Hair Mask?

In pursuing unparalleled hair care, selecting the right products can make all the difference between lackluster locks and radiant tresses. Our intense moisture hair mask stands out in a crowded marketplace for several compelling reasons. Formulated to meet the needs of those seeking not just improvement but transformation, this mask is a beacon for anyone aspiring to achieve the ultimate in hair health and beauty. Here are key reasons why our mask should be your go-to choice:

  • Deep Hydration: Our product dives deep into the hair shaft to deliver unmatched hydration where it's needed most. This isn't just surface-level care; it's a profound moisture infusion that revitalizes from the inside out.
  • Revolutionary Formula: Blending traditional Japanese ingredients known for their hair benefits with cutting-edge technology, this intense hair mask offers a unique solution that combats dryness and brittleness, leaving your hair supple and resilient.
  • Versatility: Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of styling, environmental stress, or natural dryness, our mask's formula is designed to address a wide range of concerns, making it an ideal choice for virtually any hair type.
  • Ease of Use: Our moisture mask combines convenience with efficacy. Designed for both efficiency and effectiveness, it fits seamlessly into your hair care routine and requires only a few minutes to work its magic.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Unlike other treatments that offer only temporary solutions, our product ensures that your hair remains hydrated, smooth, and shiny long after use. It goes beyond the initial results, focusing on maintaining wellness and allure in the long run.
  • Rave Reviews: The consensus is in — users consistently rate this as the best intensive hair mask for its ability to transform dry, damaged hair into a vision of health. Don't just take our word for it; the results speak for themselves.

Restore Locks with Japanese Intense Treatments for Hair

Revitalization is a cornerstone of Japanese hair care philosophy, where the focus extends beyond repairing damage to actively preventing it. Our Japanese intense treatments for hair are crafted to embody this holistic approach, delivering solutions that repair and also strengthen hair against future damage. These treatments are designed with the essence of rejuvenation in mind, ensuring each strand is cared for and protected.

By choosing our collection of intensive treatments, you're not merely caring for your hair; you're setting off on a path of rejuvenation, enabling your strands to reclaim their inherent vigor and radiance. Witness the transformation as your hair gradually returns to its original splendor, becoming healthier and more resilient with each application. This is the promise of our products — a promise of restoration, one strand at a time.