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Lebel Viege root care mist Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Viege root care mist

The spray stops hair loss, stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair follicles and gives great volume. The quality of hair is visibly improved: hair becomes stronger and healthier. Also eliminates scalp...
Lebel Viege shampoo Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Viege shampoo

Gently and gently cleanses the scalp and hair, eliminates itching and dryness. Balances the skin, ejuvenates it and stimulates hair growth. Restores, moisturises well, gives elasticity and strength to the...
Hair growth & super-volume  set
Set 3 pcs

Hair growth & super-volume set

This kit will completely solve your hair loss problem!In this set you will find scalp revitalisation products. The set will give your hair super-volume and make your skin healthy. Lebel...
Lebel Viege medicate essence Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Viege medicate essence

Revitalizing essence Viege Medicate Essence has a great pronounced healing effect. Active components of the essence deeply penetrate into the scalp giving  supports and nourishes the hair follicles, preventing hair...
Lebel Viege hair treatment soft Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Viege hair treatment soft

Restores hair strength, strength and elasticity. Greatly moisturizes and softens, preserves colour and rightness after colouring, facilitates combing. It is universal, suitable for all types of dry hair. Keeps the...
Lebel Viege hair treatment volume Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Viege hair treatment volume

Restores, gives hair great volume and elasticity, nourishes, saturates with vitamins and microelements. deal for fine hair. Keeps the colour intensity of coloured hair. Viege hair treatment volume - frequent...
Volume & smooth set
Set 3 pcs

Volume & smooth set

A wonderful set gives your hair a lovely volume.Shampoo stimulates hair growth and cleanses perfectly. The conditioner makes hair silky and shiny. Viege shampoo softly and gently cleanses the scalp and...