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Lebel IAU SERUM cleansing shampoo Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU SERUM cleansing shampoo

Moisturizing shampoo, suitable for all types of scalp and hair, including sensitive skin. Makes hair manageable, smoothes, visually appears larger, the hair structure becomes denser. Retains the brightness of coloured...
Lebel Proedit Bounce Fit Hair Shampoo Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Proedit Bounce Fit Hair Shampoo

Designed for damaged hair, weakened by frequent colouring, heat waving or other effects on the hair. Gently restores the structure of hair, eliminates brittleness, fills the hair with moisture and...
Lebel IAU cleansing RELAXMENT shampoo Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU cleansing RELAXMENT shampoo

Gently cleanses the scalp, preserving the natural hydrolipidic balance, helps to solve the problems of dry dandruff and seborrhea. Provides nourishing hair. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, heals wounds. Lebel IAU...
Lebel Viege root care mist Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Viege root care mist

The spray stops hair loss, stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair follicles and gives great volume. The quality of hair is visibly improved: hair becomes stronger and healthier. Also eliminates scalp...
Lebel Natural Hair soap Sea Wheed Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Natural Hair soap Seaweed

Shampoo with seaweed extract Hair Soap with Seaweed is designed for gentle cleansing of normal and slightly damaged hair. Seaweed extract has an anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp, removes toxins,...
Lebel Viege medicate essence Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Viege medicate essence

Revitalizing essence Viege Medicate Essence has a great pronounced healing effect. Active components of the essence deeply penetrate into the scalp giving  supports and nourishes the hair follicles, preventing hair...
Lebel Natural Hair Soap Cypress Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Natural Hair Soap Cypress

Lebel Cypress Shampoo with Japanese cypress extract for sensitive dry scalp, combats dry dandruff. Sensitive dry scalp requires a special delicate cleansing. Shampoo from the natural collection Lebel - Cypress...
Lebel Lebel Cool Orange Scalp M-conditioner Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Lebel Cool Orange Scalp M-conditioner

Cleanser for dry scalp Cool Orange Scalp M-conditioner is an indispensable product for cleansing the skin from sebum, dirt and remnants of styling products. The product actively affects the scalp,...
Lebel IAU Cell Care 1 Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

IAU Cell Care 1

It perfectly preserves the moisture in the structure of hair and scalp, has a detoxifying effect and anti-inflammatory, designed for the recovery of hair and skin. Can be used on...
Lebel Natural Hair soap Jojoba Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Natural Hair soap Jojoba

Enriched with natural plant extracts, Lebel Jojoba Shampoo perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the hair, keeping moisture inside for a long time. Suitable for dry, brittle, unruly and extended hair. Natural...

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