Peeling as the basis for health of the scalp

We already know very well that for good hair growth and scalp health, it is imperative to use a peeling procedure weekly. Japanese scalp peelings are unique products similar to facial peels. They complement the cleansing action of the shampoo, gently exfoliating dead skin particles and removing stubborn residues of styling products. 

The most popular Japanese peels are Lebel Cool Orange, Proedit and THEO.

Lebel Proedit Float Cleansing scalp mousse is a peeling that suits everyone without exception, so it is very often used in salons before the “Happiness for Hair” SPA procedure. It removes stubborn dirt and dead cells, helps to solve the problems of dry or oily dandruff, gives plasticity and basal volume to the hair. It also helps maintain a healthy hydro-lipid balance of the scalp and stimulates hair growth. 

Lebel Proedit peeling is the legendary Lebel product recommended for those who want to improve the condition of the scalp, make it fresh, stimulate hair growth, as well as for those who suffer from seborrhea. It eliminates oily dandruff and improves blood circulation. It stimulates hair growth and provides root volume!   

The texture is gel-like, dense, with a pleasant unobtrusive smell. It is applied to the scalp after one shampooing. There is one secret to the correct use of Lebel Proedit peeling. Peeling must necessarily foam. In order to do this, add some warm water and make a light massage.

Lebel Proedit is a universal peeling. It is very gentle and is perfect for normal, oily and sensitive scalps.

In the Lebel Cool Orange series there is a peeling for dry skin - it comes with the letter M after the name - Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner M.

Both Lebel Cool Orange peelings are applied to damp skin BEFORE shampooing. Before applying the peeling, the scalp must be thoroughly moistened, just steamed in warm water!

Lebel’s unusual THEO Scalp Flex scalp cleanser is based on charcoal, which is why it has such an unusual rich black color. This peeling delicately cleanses the skin, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and, more importantly, works as a prevention of hair loss. Hair becomes more vibrant, voluminous and shiny. And the feeling of freshness and cleanliness lasts until the next wash.

This peeling is universal, as it can be used by both men and women.

Men can use Lebel Theo peeling for hair and beard care. It is recommended to use in combination with other products of the THEO series. 

The Japanese approached the issue of applying peelings to the skin responsibly. The products are conveniently squeezed out of the tube and applied directly to the scalp due to the narrow tip. Although it is still more convenient for many clients to apply peeling with their fingers, this way you can better feel how much the product is spent and immediately massage the skin with your fingers or with the Japanese massage brush KAO Merit Brush.

Japanese peels will give your skin a new feeling of cleanliness, and, in addition, all essences and skin masks used after peeling will work even more efficiently!

After the first application, the volume of the hair is noticeably increased even with normal blow-drying. After 4-6 regular applications, new hairs begin to appear.

For many clients, peeling perfectly removed the flaking of the scalp after staining and has become a real must have product!!!

Let your hair be beautiful!!