What stands out in Japanese hair cosmetics?

The beauty of Japanese women is associated with the luxury of shining hair. This cannot but delight the European women. Therefore, a surge of interest in Japanese hair cosmetics is natural.  

- Where to start acquaintance with oriental beauty products?

- Of course, from theory, turning into practical experiments. Your search will be crowned with success if you choose the right product and take enough time to use it correctly and systematically.

Traditional approach does not mean outdated

All Japanese hair cosmetics keep up with novelties: if necessary, collagen, amino acids, fruit stem cells, sunscreen factors, piroctone-olamine and various acids are added to the formula. Therefore, the effectiveness of home Japanese care is comparable to salon procedures.

And the Japanese prefer to have a complex effect on health. Cosmetics + vitamins + diet + devices for spa treatments + healthy sleep and sports give amazing results. It improves not only the appearance of the hair, but also the physical well-being!

Differences between Japanese and Korean cosmetics


The Asian approach to care is fundamentally different from the Western one. The European brand focuses either on uncompromising naturalness and confirms research with organic certificates, or on scientific discoveries and the development of new formulas.

The Japanese modestly and unobtrusively exploit the gigantic heritage of traditions: the products always contain a natural composition with unique components - squalene, argan oil, algae extract, nano-colloids of gold and platinum, camellia flowers, green tea with hibiscus and apple cider vinegar and many other components.

And if you delve into the topic of Asia and compare the care systems of Japanese and Korean women, curious facts will be revealed. The giants of the Japanese beauty industry are guided by a special philosophy in production:

  • “locked out” from the outside world, Japan invented many components on its own, some of them are classified and do not go beyond the domestic market;

  • even small manufacturers have their own laboratories;

  • formulas are based on centuries-old traditions, and this is their strength - loyal customers have no doubt that their favorite product will change for the sake of marketing or fashion;

  • according to the standards, the production of cosmetics is equated to pharmaceuticals, hence the strictest quality control measures;

  • minimalist packaging design prevails, embellishing the home space.

Korean manufacturers have everything built on a different principle. Fierce competition forces us to constantly work on new formulations and reduce costs. Limited editions and product changes sometimes upset loyal fans. South Korean formulas include bee and snake venom, snail mucin, spider gland secretion, swallow’s nest extract, and other exotics. There is no ban on the use of certain components, for example, phthalates, which is taboo for the Japanese. And one cannot fail to mention the cute Korean packaging design - far from concise, but always causing a smile.

Advantages and disadvantages of Japanese products

Let’s start with the advantages of Japanese hair cosmetics.

  1. All harmful chemicals in the composition are excluded, such as surfactants, parabens, sulfates.

  2. There are no artificial thickeners and solvents (therefore non-uniform consistency is acceptable).

  3. Light natural aroma gives out the presence of flowers, fruits and herbs. Fragrances and aromas are prohibited.

  4. The neutral color of the products is given by natural ingredients.

  5. The effect is pronounced, but not immediately. It is necessary to complete the course and you will see the cumulative effect.

Disadvantages, in fact, are not related to the product itself. First, the price range is not affordable for everyone. And secondly, for competent care, you will need an individual selection of cosmetics, and sometimes a trial-and-error method. But everything is in your hands, so be sure to choose the right complex and please your hair with high-quality cleansing and nutrition! With Japanese care, your hair will shine, fill with strength and you will hear many compliments!