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Napla Imprime Premier Repair (3 components) – One Use Kit

Napla Imprime Premier Repair (3 components) – One Use Kit

Professional salon treatment for hair restoration using innovative Japanese cosmetic products Napla Imprime Premier Repair. A three-stage care returns natural radiance, elasticity and smoothness to curls for a long time,...
Napla Imprime premier Rich mask Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Imprime premier Rich mask

Ce masque pour la restauration des cheveux à domicile est un véritable salut pour les boucles abîmées, cassantes, ternes avec des pointes fourchues. Le produit cosmétique n'agit pas à la...
Napla Napla Imprime Premier Repair Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Napla Imprime Premier Repair

Traitement de salon professionnel pour la restauration des cheveux à l'aide de produits cosmétiques japonais innovants Napla Imprimer Premier Repair. Un soin en trois étapes redonne aux boucles un éclat,...
Napla Imprime premier repair 3 Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Imprime premier repair 3

Fixing the effect is no less important than restoration. Without sealing the cuticle, all nutrients and keratin will be destroyed when exposed to high temperatures and aggressive care products. Imprime...
Napla Imprime premier repair 2 Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Imprime premier repair 2

Imprime Premier Repair lotion est la prochaine étape du complexe Imprimer Premier Repair SPA La lotion  à la kératine hydrolysée, aux nanoparticules de platine et à l'acide hyaluronique. Cette composition...
Napla Imprime premier repair 1 Exclusive Cosmetics - exc-beauty.com

Imprime premier repair 1

Ce masque pour la restauration des cheveux à domicile est un véritable salut pour les boucles abîmées, cassantes, ternes avec des pointes fourchues. Le produit cosmétique n'agit pas à la...


As one of the leading professional brands in Japan, Napla has established itself as a trusted name in eco-friendly cosmetics. Handcrafted by seasoned professionals, this brand guarantees the most natural products on the market today.

Napla Japanese Hair Care Brand

With Napla, you're not just choosing hair care; you're embracing a luxurious experience designed with nature's touch. 

Organic Ingredients and Advanced Technology

Napla Japanese professional hair care products are enriched with organic plant oils and naturally-derived ingredients. Powered by the strength of plants gifted by nature's bounty, cosmetics add beautiful shine and health to your hair.

But it's not just about harnessing nature's best; Napla employs cutting-edge technology to extract beneficial plant components. The company's vertical integration ensures that many ingredients are grown on their plantations, allowing for complete production process tracking. You might find 20-25 plant extracts and essences in one product alone, all contributing to a potent nurturing formula.

Unique ingredients such as nano-colloids of silver and platinum, hydrolyzed casein, and extracts of soy seeds, brown algae, licorice, and more set the brand apart from other brands.

Reviving Hair Like Never Before

Products offer a robust therapeutic effect. If your hair needs rejuvenation, look no further than the restoring Napla shampoo and masks containing many exclusive components.

A special mention must go to Napla's restoring the SPA procedure called Napla Premier. This unique procedure involves only three steps but achieves molecular-level hair structure restoration and replenishes lost proteins to the cortex level. It doesn't consume much time and leaves your hair silky and elastic.

Why Choose Napla?

Napla has much to offer as a brand that takes Japanese Cosmetics for Hair to a new level of excellence. Here's why choosing it can redefine your hair care regimen.

  • Unparalleled Restoration: the magnificence of Napla lies in its incredible therapeutic effects. This is not merely a cosmetic enhancement but a profound treatment deepening the hair structure. Hair products are crafted in Japan, and they've become synonymous with vibrant, healthy hair. Each application infuses the hair with life and vitality, transforming even the most damaged strands into a masterpiece of shine and silkiness.
  • Simplicity and Elegance: yet, the natural beauty of Napla's range is in its simplicity. Anyone can achieve salon-like results at home without needing professional expertise. This ease of use, combined with the incredible effects of treatments, makes Napla an obvious choice for those seeking quality without complexity.
  • The Magic of Japanese Innovation: drawing from the rich heritage of Japanese innovation and craftsmanship, Napla incorporates traditional wisdom and modern technology. The products are a perfect blend of nature and science, where every ingredient serves a unique purpose, culminating in a hair treatment experience like no other.

If you want to purchase Napla hair products or other cosmetic items, your destination is our online store Exclusive Cosmetics. With an extensive range of top-tier products curated for the discerning customer, it is the perfect place to find everything you need to enhance your beauty routine.

In our commitment to delivering exceptional service, we offer personalized hair and scalp care recommendations for each of our clients entirely free of charge. Our company's staff have undergone extensive training in Japan, ensuring they possess the expertise to select the most suitable products based on your hair type and scalp condition. Trust in our knowledge and experience to guide you to the optimal care tailored just for you.