Instructions for the SPA-procedure Lebel “Absolute Happiness for hair”

The success of the procedure will depend directly on how carefully you work the hair strands during the application of the components (comb with plastic teeth), give each component 5 minutes. Comb the strands carefully.

Before applying the components, the hair must be well damp!

There is no need to dry your hair with a towel, just remove excess moisture with your hands. Water serves as a conductor for the components. 

This procedure consists of 2 parts (which can also be done separately): the first part is called “Vitality”, the second part is called “Locked Moisture”.

1st step. Cleansing.

Wash your hair and scalp once with Lebel Freshment shampoo (if you don't have such a shampoo, you can use any other shampoo that rinses the scalp well), which regulates the sebaceous glands, cleanses the skin well and prepares it for the next step. 5-8 ml of shampoo will suffice. It must be foamed in the hands with the addition of water and then applied to wet skin and massaged. 

2nd step. Peeling.

Lebel Proedit Hairskin Float Cleansing peeling
is recommended.

After washing your hair 1 time with shampoo, apply peeling parting on the skin, massage a little, then add water and create an airy foam, rinse. Peeling consumption is 7-9 ml.

3rd step. Detoxification of the scalp and hair.

Dilute the IAU CELL Care 1 component with water 1:2 (twice as much water), create foam with a whisk. Apply evenly on wet skin and hair, gently massage the skin for 5 minutes, also distribute the foam along the length of the hair, gently work with your hands. Wash off with warm water.

If you have a one-time set of procedures, then you can dilute the component with water directly in the jar. Close the jar tightly and gently shake it with your hand for about a minute, thus beating the component into a homogeneous foam. 

Next, on clean, damp hair, we alternately apply serums, which are called “Vitality”. These are 4 serums C, N, P and Fix. Serums are applied alternately and do not require rinsing.

Serum PROEDIT CARE WORKS CMC is applied first. Apply it on the strands (3-4 pumps must be pressed on each strand), you can apply the technique of folding and compressing the strands, which improves the penetration of the product deep into the hair shaft. Do not rinse.

Next, apply PROEDIT CARE WORKS NMF serum in a similar way. After applying it, the hair can be gently combed with a comb with soft teeth. Do not rinse.

Apply PROEDIT CARE WORKS PPT serum to each strand on both sides, comb through gently. Do not rinse.

Apply PROEDIT CARE WORKS ELEMENT FIX serum. The product is a clear gel. On each strand, apply a small amount the size of a small coin and work well with your fingers and a comb.

Leave the components for 10-15 minutes under a hat or towel. Additional heat is not needed. Do not rinse. 

Proceed to the second part of the procedure, which is called “Locked Moisture”.

On hair that is still damp after applying the previous components, apply IAU CELL CARE 2 leave-in spray through the strands, using the technique of folding and lightly squeezing the strands. After application, comb through with a soft-toothed comb. Approximately 12 ml of spray is required per use.

Depending on the type of hair, apply along the length of the cream: IAU CELL CARE 3M (for dry, porous, medium density and dense hair) or IAU CELL CARE 3S (used for thin and soft hair that lacks density).

Distribute evenly, comb through. Do not rinse.

The final step is a fixing agent - IAU CELL CARE 4 cream. Apply it to the strands, then the hair must be carefully and thoroughly combed. Put a cap on your head and hold all the components for 10-12 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Apply heat protectant to hair and dry.

Mask-concentrates Lebel IAU 5 S and 5 M

Intensive masks can be used once a week. You can use them both for the prolongation of the SPA-procedures, and an independent remedy for hair restoration.

The mask should be used on clean, shampooed hair.

It is necessary to warm up about 1/7 of the mask from the tube in the palms of your hands and then apply to damp, clean hair. Carefully work through the hair with your hands, lightly “imprint” the mask into the hair, you can also comb the hair with a special comb designed for wet hair. 

Put on a cap or a towel, hold the mask without additional heat for 7-10 minutes and rinse with warm water. The content of one tube of mask-concentrate is enough for 7-8 applications.