How to measure your natural hair length?

Following our blog and discovering such a topic as “SPA – Procedures for Hair” you may have some questions.

Now we`ll try to puzzle out one of the first questions you may have: “What does it mean middle  or medium length ?” Or “How to understand the length of my hair?”

You`ll keep returning to the same question every time you choose any SPA procedure. For example, SPA “Absolute Happiness for hair” or professional salon treatment for hair “Napla Imprime Premier” or other

We will always help you to choose right treatment program for your type of hair! And one of the questions in this connect will be about the length

Why it’s that important? 

- In accordance with salon instruction for any SPA program consumption of the components depends on the chosen hair length

So, if for medium-length hair, you need 10-12 ml of some component, for long hair you need 14-16 ml…etc

The gradation:

  1. Short length: Short length is usually anything from a buzzcut to a chin-length bob. 
  2. Medium length: This is anywhere from the chin to a few inches past the shoulders. 
  3. Long length: Long length of hair is typically hair at the armpits to the waist
  4. Extra-long length: this is the length any longer than the waist edge.

    How its in inch?  

    1. Short: from 0.125 inches to 2 inches. 
    2. Medium: from 2 inches to 6 inches.
    3. Long: over 6 inches

    What else should you pay attention to when determining the length of your hair?

    In case your hair is curly or African type, you should choose the length a bit longer.

    Here under the post some pictures will help you to estimate and choose the right length!

    choose the right length!