The Allure of Hair Care Sets

In the quest for perfect hair, many navigate a labyrinth of products, each promising miracles yet often falling short. Dryness, breakage, and lackluster hair are common woes in a world brimming with hair care options that deliver subpar results. Enter Exclusive Cosmetics: your beacon in the chaotic sea of hair care. Our meticulously curated haircare sets are more than just products; they are a holistic solution to these pervasive hair challenges.

Crafted with the essence of Japanese cosmetic expertise, each hair set is designed to address specific hair concerns and elevate your hair care ritual into an experience of luxury and efficacy. With Exclusive Cosmetics, transform your hair care journey from a tiresome task into an empowering act of self-care and rejuvenation.

Importance of Hair Care

In the current landscape of beauty and wellness, the significance of hair care cannot be overstated. It's a crucial component of one's daily routine, influencing how others perceive us and how we view ourselves. In this context, selecting the right hair care products becomes not just a matter of routine but a key to unlocking the best version of ourselves.

Vital Role in Personal Image

Your hair is not just a feature; it's a personal signature. The shimmering locks behind you or the perfectly coiffed style that defines your silhouette are potent expressions of who you are. A high-quality hair care set brings out your personality and aesthetic preferences enigmatically. Whether preparing for a professional meeting or a social engagement, how your hair presents can significantly impact first impressions. An artfully designed hair care box by Exclusive Cosmetics houses products tailored to enhance your hair's natural beauty, ensuring it always conveys the right message about your image.

Essential for Healthy Hair

While the visual aspects of hair care are evident, your hair's underlying health is paramount. The essence of a well-rounded hair care set lies in its ability to infuse your locks with strength and resilience from root to tip. Components such as balanced shampoos free from harsh sulfates, hydrating conditioners rich in essential oils, therapeutic hair masks loaded with proteins, and protective serums containing antioxidants all work collectively to fortify hair against the daily onslaught of environmental stressors. Regular use of an all-inclusive set hair care assortment not only boosts the vitality and luster of your tresses but also ensures that they remain robust and less prone to damage over time.

Components of Hair Care Sets

The efficiency and refinement of a well-assembled hair kit can significantly elevate the health and appearance of your hair. Exclusive Cosmetics takes pride in its components, each serving a unique purpose in maintaining and enhancing your tresses.


A cornerstone of any hair care routine, shampoos lay the groundwork for hair that is clean, vibrant, and full of life. Our shampoos in the hair care set are infused with gentle yet effective cleansing agents that rid the scalp and hair of impurities without stripping away essential moisture. Sophisticated formulations maintain the natural pH balance while providing a fresh canvas for the subsequent steps in your hair care routine. We ensure that every wash cleans and preps your hair for nourishment and protection.

After cleansing comes an indispensable step to seal in hydration and smooth the hair cuticle. Exclusive Cosmetics treatments in our hair gift set boast luxurious textures and are laden with emollients, oils, and plant extracts designed to detangle, reduce frizz, and impart a sleek, polished look. Perfect for daily use or as a part of an intensive hair care ritual, they provide the right amount of slip to prevent breakage during styling and give your hair a velvety touch. In Japanese hair care, the term 'treatment' refers to a hair conditioner, and the product packaging may also use the word “cream” due to its thick consistency. These products can serve as 2-in-1, functioning both as a conditioner and a hair mask.

Hair Masks

Hair masks are the intensive care units of any hair care box. They are potent treatments packed with nutrients, proteins, and hydration. When used weekly, Exclusive Cosmetics hair masks penetrate deeply, rejuvenating damaged fibers and fortifying the hair structure from within. This vital process is essential for recovering from heat styling, environmental stress, or chemical treatments. The result? Resilient, glossy hair that resonates with vitality.


The finale in our hair care set is the serum — a powerful ally that acts as a protective veil. Our serums provide a lightweight yet concentrated boost of nutrients and can tackle various issues, from split ends to flyaways. Acting as a barrier against pollutants and heat, serums from Exclusive Cosmetics give your hair an instantly glamorous sheen and work over time to maintain the health and integrity of each strand.

Selecting the Right Set

Best hair care gift sets, meticulously compiled by professionals, stand as the epitome of convenience and personalized care. It's a methodically curated pathway to sublime hair health. Moreover, investing in such sets is not only savvy due to the comprehensive nature of the products but also economically wise. Discounts on shampoo gift sets often make them more accessible, granting you the luxury of high-quality care at a more agreeable price point.

Identify Hair Type

The first step in selecting a suitable product involves recognizing your unique hair type. Whether delicate, straight, thick, wavy or somewhere in between, Japanese cosmetics cater to every filament. It has honed the craft of creating specialized bundles that harmonize with your specific hair texture, offering a bespoke experience in every wash, condition, and treatment.

Address Specific Concerns

Each strand tells a story of battles — frizz, dryness, oiliness, or color retention. Selecting a set that addresses particular concerns is the secret to unlocking the full potential of your mane. Whether nourishing parched ends or keeping vibrant tints, these carefully designed sets imbue your locks with the nutrients needed to thrive and showcase their natural beauty.

Hair Gifts Sets

  1. MOISTURISING & REVITALISING SET. The Moisturising & Revitalising Set is a universal solution, ideal for all hair types. It features the Lebel Proedit Soft Fit Shampoo, which gently cleanses and intensively nourishes the hair, enriched with a sunscreen filter of SPF 10. The Proedit Soft Fit Treatment follows, targeting dry and inelastic hair for hydration and structural repair. The set is completed with the IAU Sleek Essence, a light oil that enhances hair's suppleness, manageability, and shine while protecting against thermal and environmental damage.
  2. RECOVERY FOR HARD HAIR SET. Designed for damaged and lifeless hair, the Recovery for Hard Hair Set transforms your hair into a silky, shiny, and moisturized state. This hair gift set includes Proedit Bounce Fit Shampoo, free from sulfates and perfect for reviving damaged curls and color-treated hair. The Proedit Bounce Fit + Treatment mask deeply regenerates hair, restoring resilience and elasticity, and is complemented by the IAU Serum Essence, which provides intense moisturization and nutrient supply, especially beneficial for unruly hair, with SPF 30 protection.
  3. SILKY & SHINY SET. The Silky & Shiny Set, a bestseller, is suitable for any hair type and instantly transforms hair into a silky, shiny, and manageable state. It features the Moisturizing aroma shampoo Lebel IAU Serum Cleansing, ideal for dry and unruly hair, focusing on restoring smoothness and shine. The Gentle aroma cream IAU Serum Cream accompanies this, replenishing moisture at the molecular level and ensuring hair remains elastic, smooth, and intensely shiny while retaining a delicate, long-lasting aroma.
  4. BLOND RECOVERY SET. The Blond Recovery Set from Exclusive Cosmetics is a comprehensive solution for those needing to repair damaged, particularly blond hair. These haircare gifts feature the Proedit Bounce Fit Shampoo, designed to restore damaged curls and chemically or thermally weakened hair, making it shiny and full while maintaining color brightness, and is sulfate-free. The Proedit Bounce Fit + Treatment regenerating mask accompanying this is ideal for revitalizing dry, brittle, and severely damaged hair, providing deep regeneration and SPF 15 protection. The IAU Moist Essence completes the set, a moisturizing essence that profoundly hydrates, increases density and protects hair from environmental factors. This set is perfect for achieving salon-level care at home, especially for those with blond hair.
  5. HAIR GROWTH & SUPER-VOLUME SET. The Hair Growth & Super-Volume Set by Exclusive Cosmetics is a dynamic solution for hair loss and achieving voluminous hair. This set features the Lebel Proedit Hair Skin Float Cleansing for deep scalp cleansing and stimulating robust hair growth and the Viege shampoo for gently cleansing, hydrating, and maintaining colored hair's vibrancy. Completing the set is the Viege root care mist with the Fito NanoBot system, revitalizing the scalp, strengthening hair follicles, and activating hair growth. It is ideal for those seeking healthy, voluminous hair with a balanced scalp.
  6. RECOVERY & ELASTICITY. The Recovery & Elasticity Set by Exclusive Cosmetics is tailored for dry, inelastic hair needing hydration and structural restoration. It includes the Lebel Proedit Soft Fit Shampoo for gentle cleansing and intense nourishment, complemented by the Proedit Soft Fit Treatment for deep hydration. A nourishing mask in the set seal's split ends and protects against toxins, while the IAU Moist Essence offers deep hydration and structural preservation, suitable for all hair types. This set effectively restores elasticity and protects hair with built-in SPF.
  7. RECOVERY FOR FINE HAIR SET. Exclusive Cosmetics' Recovery for Fine Hair Set is ideal for fine, damaged hair, offering restoration and protection. It features the Proedit Bounce Fit Shampoo, revitalizing curls, adding shine and fullness, and maintaining color without sulfates. The set also includes the Proedit Bounce Fit + Treatment mask for deep regeneration and softening of brittle hair, enhanced with SPF 15. Completing the set is the IAU Forti Essence, providing intense firming, densifying, and shine, along with SPF 30 protection, perfect for hair affected by stress or chemical treatments.
  8. VOLUME & SMOOTH SET. Exclusive Cosmetics' Volume & Smooth Set enhances hair volume, promoting silkiness and shine. It includes Viege shampoo for gentle cleansing and color maintenance, infused with ingredients for hydration and strength. The set also features the Viege hair treatment mask, boosting volume and elasticity using the Fito NanoBot system. Completing the set is the IAU Forti Essence, which intensely firms and restores hair, providing SPF 30 protection and combating damage from external and internal factors. This set is perfect for achieving voluminous, smooth, and healthy hair.
  9. PERFECT CURLS SET. The Perfect Curls Set by Exclusive Cosmetics is ideal for enhancing wavy hair and ensuring curls are well-defined, complete, and shiny. It features the Hair Soap with Seaweed from Lebel for gentle cleansing and restoration and the Proedit Soft Fit + Treatment for deep hydration and structural repair, making hair dense and elastic. The set is completed with the IAU Moist Essence, which deeply hydrates and protects hair from environmental factors and is suitable for all hair types. This set is a comprehensive solution for achieving beautiful, healthy curls.
  10. FRESH & SILKY SET. The Fresh & Silky Set from Exclusive Cosmetics is tailored for those who desire less frequent hair washing while keeping their scalp fresh and restoring hair length. The set includes the Cool Orange SC Hair Soap shampoo by Lebel, effective against oily dandruff and hair loss, suitable for oily scalps, and free from sulfates. It's complemented by the Proedit Soft Fit Treatment, designed for dry and inelastic hair needing hydration and structural repair, enhancing hair's shine, smoothness, and elasticity. Finishing the set is the IAU Sleek Essence, a light oil providing salon-level care, applied to damp and dry hair for extra shine and protection against thermal and environmental damage. This set is perfect for maintaining fresh, silky, and well-groomed hair.


Exclusive Cosmetics' carefully curated hair care sets provide comprehensive solutions for various hair needs and preferences. From revitalizing damaged hair to enhancing natural curls, each set is designed with precision and care, utilizing the finest ingredients and innovative Japanese cosmetic technology. Whether you seek volume, hydration, restoration, or protection, these sets cater to diverse hair types and concerns, ensuring optimal hair health and beauty. Embrace the art of hair care with Exclusive Cosmetics and experience the transformation of your hair into its best, most radiant self.