Best Hair Care Products for Bleached Hair

Have you ever been curious about the changes your hair undergoes once it has been bleached and colored blonde? Why does it become frizzy, tangled, and brittle? The answer lies in its high porosity. The natural pigment is washed out during the bleaching process, and the hair's structure is disrupted, causing the cuticle to fill with water and form "voids." As a result, bleached hair internally resembles a sponge!

Caring for porous, bleached hair and getting it back into shape is challenging. The care for such hair must be unique, considering all possible nuances. This guide will explore the best shampoo for bleached hair and care products, focusing on Japanese cosmetics.

What to Look for in a Bleached Hair Shampoo?

When selecting a bleached hair shampoo, several key factors must be considered to ensure you are providing the best care for your fragile, treated locks:

  • Gentle Cleansing: opt for shampoos that offer gentle cleansing without harsh sulfates. Such components may remove essential oils, rendering your bleached hair increasingly susceptible and parched.
  • Hydrating and Nourishing Ingredients: search for shampoos that are specially crafted with ingredients aimed at hydrating and enriching your hair. Ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, and natural oils (such as argan, coconut, and jojoba oil) can provide much-needed moisture and nourishment.
  • Protein-Rich Formulas: since bleaching can weaken your hair, protein-rich shampoos for bleached hair can help rebuild and strengthen its structure. Ingredients like keratin or silk proteins are beneficial.
  • Color-Safe and pH-Balanced: choose a color-safe, pH-balanced bleach hair shampoo to maintain the hair's natural acidity, preventing further damage and keeping the cuticles sealed and smooth.
  • UV Protection: bleached hair is more susceptible to UV damage. Using a shampoo infused with UV protection helps safeguard your hair from damaging solar rays, thus averting color loss and dehydration.
  • Anti-Frizz Properties: bleached hair tends to frizz easily. Opt for a hair bleaching shampoo equipped with anti-frizz qualities to maintain smoothness and ease of handling for your hair.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: avoid shampoos with alcohol, parabens, and silicones, as these can further damage delicate, bleached hair.

How often should you wash bleached hair?

When it comes to bleached hair, both the frequency of washing and how you handle it play crucial roles in maintaining its health and appearance.

Handling Bleached Hair

Bleached hair should be handled very delicately. When drying with a hairdryer, try to direct the airflow in a way that doesn't pull or stretch the hair strands, thus avoiding excessive pressure. Consistently apply a heat protectant to defend your hair against thermal damage.

Combing Wet and Dry Bleached Hair

Combining bleached hair requires extra care. When wet, bleached hair stretches easily, leading to deformation and breakage. It's recommended to comb with care and patience, beginning at the ends and gradually moving towards the roots. To minimize damage, use a plastic comb with dense, soft teeth like Tangle Teezer or Macadamia.

For dry hair, it's recommended to use unique products that facilitate combing and prevent future tangling. However, applying oils or serums to bleached hair can be challenging, as these products may not fully cover the cuticle.

Special Care Products

Japanese brand Lebel has addressed this issue by releasing unique non-rinse care products for bleached and blonde-dyed hair. Products like Lebel IAU Moist essence, Lebel IAU Serum oil, and Lebel IAU Sleek are explicitly designed for this hair type. They have a light texture, spread quickly on the hair, and create an invisible protective film to prevent moisture loss. These products do not make the hair greasy or heavy, leaving it full, shiny, elastic, easy to comb, and free from frizz and tangles.

Washing Frequency

Considering the delicate nature of bleached hair, washing it no more than 2-3 times a week is generally recommended. This frequency helps maintain the natural oils in your hair, essential for keeping bleached hair hydrated and healthy. Remember, the less you wash, the less stress you put on your vulnerable hair.

The key to caring for bleached hair is gentle handling, careful combing, using the right products, and limiting the frequency of washes. These practices will help keep your bleached hair healthy, vibrant, and beautiful.

Best Products for Bleached Hair

Caring for bleached hair requires specialized products to ensure it remains healthy, vibrant, and strong. Here's a guide to some of the best hair care products for bleached hair and treatments, focusing on spa-like restoration and continuous home care.

Regular Spa Treatments

For bleached hair, undergoing a therapeutic SPA treatment every 3-4 weeks is essential. The Lebel IAU Cell Care SPA is an excellent choice, designed explicitly for bleached hair. For a quick, DIY option, try the Lebel IAU Cell Care SPA – One Use Kit, which is ideal for personal use.

Pre-Lightening Treatment

Before bleaching, it's advisable to use a restorative procedure like Lebel Proedit Care Works. This treatment prepares and protects the hair, significantly reducing damage during the bleaching process. Apply the serums in sequence on damp hair, dry the hair with a blow dryer, and then proceed with the bleaching. This phase is vital for safeguarding your hair throughout the bleaching procedure.

Short Restorative Treatments

The Lebel SPA "Locked up Moisture" is an excellent choice for a quick spa treatment. It's designed to rejuvenate and add shine to bleached hair. These treatments should be used once every 3-4 weeks. To extend the effect, use a prolonging mask at home. For dry hair, the IAU Cell Care 5M is recommended. For fine and soft hair, consider The 5S Lebel IAU Cell Care mask.

Napla Premier SPA Procedure

The Napla Premier SPA procedure is another fantastic option for bleached hair. This three-step process revitalizes the hair, making it full and shiny.

Home Care Products

The Lebel Proedit Bounce Fit line for daily home care is perfect for bleached hair, offering nourishment and elasticity. Additionally, the Lebel Proedit Soft Fit range is also suitable, particularly for maintaining the softness and manageability of bleached hair.

To keep bleached hair healthy, a balanced approach combining expert treatments and regular maintenance products is essential. These specialized products will help ensure your bleached hair stays nourished, strong, and luminous.

Selecting the best products for bleached hair is crucial to preserving its health and radiance. Exclusive Cosmetics provides an extensive array of tailored solutions, ensuring your hair gets the attentive care it requires. Remember, achieving gorgeous hair goes beyond just using the right products; it's equally about recognizing and addressing its specific requirements.